One cold stormy night in a run-down forgotten arcade in a run-down forgotten town, a Sega Outrun sit-down arcade cabinet awoke from a beautiful dream.  A dream in which the sun shone down and the wind whistled by as he raced along the coastline.  Letting out a heavy sigh he thought about all the times he’d had this dream in the last few years and whispered to himself “I’m not going to end up like the others…”  The Chase HQ cabinet opposite snorted “Hah, it’s the same thing every night with you isn’t it, face it you’re no better than the rest of us!”

“I’m not wasting my life here, you may have given up.  Fat kids dropping ice cream all over you and 40 year old men leering,” cried the Outrun cabinet,  “but I want a life outside of this, I want to live!”

“Shut up and go back to sleep!” shouted the Chase HQ cabinet, “You’ll wake up Pole Position, he’s getting awful old now and needs his rest.”  Rain lashed against the roof outside,  the Outrun cabinet cowered inside the cold arcade hall and fell asleep.

Awoken with a start and feeling disorientated, the Outrun cabinet could see men all around him.  He was being pushed outside and could just make out a few words from the men.

“…put wheels on it…”  “…an engine in here…”

Could it be true? Was he about to be taken away from this awful place and transformed into the car he’d always dreamt about?

“I’ve done it,” he cried aloud, “I’m alive!!!”  The Outrun cabinet had never been happier.

Image sent it by Terrier with a simple tagline of “AWESOME”.

Yes it is Terrier, it is awesome indeed.

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  1. Tremendous.

    I was originally going for a cynical, world-weary reply, but this whole “enthusiasm and activity” thing seems to be infectious.

  2. i wonder how many tokens it takes to get a full tank?

  3. Enzo Ferrari
    Automatic transmission
    Heart attack mode
    Passing Breeze
    Special request
    Feed the girl

  4. Terrier: Any chance of a Terrier Studios Outrun clone where we get to drive the cabinet instead of the Testarossa?

  5. I think that even if (or when) you decide to chuck all this in (be that next week or in 15 years time) you can do so safe in the knowledge that this post alone was reason to take up UKR’s mantle. Wouldn’t want to have missed this.
    Sorry, that was far too sensible.

  6. We’ve all got one story in us, that was mine.

    Reappraisal of the mantle situation on Saturday 23rd April 2011.

  7. Mattbot: I’ve never done a racing game before, and probably wouldn’t be able to do it justice. :(

    Captain Whoops: You’re doing sterling work here, sir. Just the right note of bitterness and optimism.

  8. What do you mean?

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