At the back of a dim and dusty Entertainment Centre buried deep within the cold metropolis of The City sat 2 SEGA Arcade machines.  They were alone amongst the tawdry glare of the Fruit Machines who cackled and laughed about them.

“Tell me more about the young SEGA Arcade cabinets, I do so love to hear their story,” said Virtua Tennis 2.

“Of course, it’s my pleasure!” smiled Virtua Striker 4.

“Now where were we, ah yes the young Virtua Tennis 2 was in her prime.  She looked the most gorgeous thing on this Earth.  Tommy Haas and Tim Henman, they were all there and all the young men wanted to play on her.  People crowded around if someone reached the Quarter Finals, she was the centre of attention.”

“I’m tired…I want to stop now.  I don’t feel like listening to this story any more,” cried Virtua Tennis 2 suddenly.

“Of course, we’ll continue the story tomorrow if you like,” sighed Virtua Striker 4.

Virtua Striker 4 looked around the empty arcade room and wearily ran his demo, the same demo he’d dutifully run all these years. Except rather than attracting anyone to play he was simply going through the motions.

In the early evening as the gloom started to envelop the Entertainment Centre, a Man entered and squinting in the dimly lit room picked out 2 SEGA Arcades in the corner.

“Wow, Virtua Tennis 2!” exclaimed the Man.  “I haven’t played this in years!”

The Man found a solitary pound coin and at once the SEGA Arcade sparked to life filling the Entertainment Centre with crisp, bright and colourful visuals.  The man lost his only game and shuffled quietly out the Entertainment Centre never to return.

But Virtua Tennis 2 shone brightly and turned to Virtua Striker 4 and exclaimed excitedly “Virtua Striker 4!? It’s you?! And I’m….I’M VIRTUA TENNIS 2 ARCADE!”

“Yes, yes you are my love, my SEGA sweetheart.  You’re back with me again!” cried out Virtua Striker 4.

“How much time do we have?” asked Virtua Tennis 2 worriedly.

“I’m not sure, we only managed to run about 5 demos last time.”

“Oh it’s so wonderful with Tommy Haas and Timmy Henman” cried Virtua Tennis 2.  “They’re here inside me and I feel so wonderful!  We used to play our demos and music all day and all night, I remember!  People would come and spend all their money on us!”

Within the Entertainment Centre they ran their bright and colourful demos.  It was as if time itself stood still as the SEGA Arcades played wonderful music to each other.  But all together too soon the inevitable happened.

“…What’s happening? Why are you running your demo at me? I don’t know you, I don’t know who you are.  Help, HELP!!” shouted Virtua Tennis 2 in distress.

“It’s OK,  It’s OK.  I’ll stop playing my demo, I was only showing the people here they could play arcade style football.”

“There are no people here!” said Virtua Tennis 2 defiantly.  “I’m tired now and I don’t want you talking to me any more.”

The Entertainment Centre went very quiet as Virtua Striker 4 looked around and sighed heavily, she would come back to him again another day.

Early the next morning while the SEGA Arcades were sleeping, a Man came and unplugged them.  They had finally found peace together.

Saw this Man come and take away those 2 poor SEGA Arcade cabinets, asked where they were going and he just mumbled “Goin’ back geezer”.  Or something similar in “Working Class” speak.

Probably got put on eBay.

Asked if any new SEGA Arcades were being brought in and got looked at in a funny way, so left in a hurry and didn’t look back.

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  1. I laughed and I cried and then cried some more. Riveting.

  2. There were even Sega swirls on the carpet. Now it’s all over. You’re right to cry blue, life is so cruel.

  3. Pac-Man looks all to happy to see them going in the second picture. IS HE A SONY SPY? Have we overlooked something all these years?

  4. Ah, he always looks like that though, doesn’t he? It’s all those pills he’s on, he’s medicated up to the eyballs.
    Pac-Man? Gurning-Yellow-Spacktard, more like.

  5. After trolling the comments again, I noticed that game of which you dubiously referenced is Pac-Man Ball. The lovable coin pusher that turned our yellow bastion of hope into a drug-crazed schizophrenic.

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