A rhetorical question really because no-one does.  Here is a SEGA game that got released a couple of months ago to no fanfare, we probably should at least report on it.  You know, so that people coming here think this website is about SEGA games and not just about looking up female Cosplayers outfits.

An “Independent Game Company” called Three Rings have made an Online RPG game published by SEGA.  It’s on the PC/MAC so already we’re not so sure.  If it was on XBLA we’d probably RAVE about it.

Let’s play it for a bit to see what we think.  Also does anyone score categories like Graphics, Sound and Playability with “Something out of Ten” any more?  We need to know as we may try a Proper Review at some point.  Probably not of this though.

Go HERE, it’s free but you need to muck about registering using Facebook or SEGA PASS. It’s got SEGA at the bottom so it automatically raises the level of this probably-humdrum-online-RPG by at least 33%.

You start here, emerging from a crashed pod with orders to proceed to a nearby Town.  We plugged an XBox controller into the PC and it seemed to work quite well, in that we could run around and kill things with our sword and gun without having to use a mouse.

See that Pink thing?  You can kill it, along with that cute little Chameleon.  Use your gun from distance on those yellow/orange Cubes as they explode when hit and will hurt you.  If they do a plush doll of that Chameleon we’ll probably buy it.

Then we reached The Town and got all scared as we were no longer playing on our own and probably needed to start grooming people for live sex pornography or something to progress.  What if little children were playing?  We’d be in right trouble then.

If you actually do like playing RPG games online and grooming people for sex then this is right up your alley.  Send webcam pictures of conquests/potential conquests in to the usual email address, the more distressed the better.

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  1. Meh. I tried to run it, but my dodgy, old cpu would have none of it.

  2. And people wonder why SEGA are a fading force in the modern games industry. They need to stop wasting money on crap like this and on licensed tat and actually plow it into making something properly. Preferably Dreamcast 2.

    Although I see “Three Rings” are independant. I wonder if I can get SEGA to buy Go! Go! Sonic!

  3. Emotions would be very heghnteied at the tent embassy. News coming in about Tony Abbott suggesting the embassy had to go would have not gone down well in that situation. Abbott is completely out of his depth, to say the least.

  4. Thanks Roberto. Have been taking some time off Eos and all things arts organizational. However may get roped back into it mid September. We’ll see. Certainly I will get back to Eos and plan to go to Works and some of Al’s shindigs. Have been doing some painting plus learning hypnotherapy. Still love the painting I did of you. It was one of those moments. Just don’t “hang yourself” over it!

  5. Hola Tessa, comparto muchas de las cosasque decis, yo tambien soy ama de casa, amo a mis hijos me encanta estar con ellos, pero tambien me encanta mi espacio, es el equilibrio perfecto para una mente sana y poder darles a ellos lo mejor de mi.

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