A good couple of weeks ago so we’re getting better in being hot off the press with SEGA game releases.  It’s on the iPhone and iPad and everyone loves it, even EDGE.  Don’t have either device so we’ve appropriated some video footage to take screenshots from, no-one will know!

This will brighten up that boring commute, if you own an iPad you probably work.


It’ll also brighten up the drive to work.  Or wherever you go to pretend to go to work.

Reader Poll:  How many of you pretend to go to work?

If you’re not a regular reader you’ve probably come here because Google says we’ve got some “iPad” news.

You probably wear glasses and work in “Media”.  Trendy magazines and such-like.

And now everything seems a little unsettling because we’re “reporting” on a girl called Ulala being chased by a monkey named AiAi in a banana-shaped car.

It’ll be OK, you can leave soon.

This will most likely be a lever for maniacal purposes and most definitely not an angry penis.

This is Tails, he drops rings and everyone wishes he were dead.

So what’s it like working in “Media”?

Do you get to meet Women and stuff?  Do you get to do stuff to Women?

How much “drugs” do you do on a week night?

Bet it’s loads.

Can we stop talking about you now?  It’s always got to be about you.

Please don’t leave.

Or at least leave through one of the links on the right.

We’ve done too many unnecessary screenshots haven’t we?

Not even close to getting to the gameplay ones yet.

It’ll definitely be worth it though!

It’s not worth it because we don’t actually have any gameplay screenshots.

We’re saving them for Part 2!

Up to anything nice at the Weekend?

We’re not.

Back here again so must have done the full loop on the main menu, can we stop talking yet?

After all those screenshots we’d better have a nice cup of tea and a good cry in the dark.

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  1. I’ll confess to owning this game on PS3, DS and iOS.

    The iPhone version’s motion controls for steering are a disaster. The touch screen controls are better although it’s still far from great. Control issues aside it’s an impressive game with a silky smooth frame rate, some lovely blue skies and Ulala.

    Still, it feels kind of “dirty” to be playing a Sonic game on systems made by Sony, Nintendo and Apple. Especially Sony.

    For some reason I don’t feel quite so guilty when playing OutRun Online Arcade and Sega Rally Online Arcade on PS3

  2. Funny stuff captain.

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