Which is good news.  Frag Doll Cadette “Vulcan” tells of the absolute BLAST she had whilst filming her Ubisoft Frag Doll Finalist video, which attempts to find differences between shooting guns in Video Games and Real Life.

Here’s how we think “Vulcan” would KISS the other Frag Dolls in Real Life if she were successful in her application to join.

  • Brookelyn?  A lunge to the face from 10 feet away
  • Fidget?  A gentle little peck on the base on the neck
  • Glitch?  A running smooch from the side
  • Phoenix?  On the floor very tenderly
  • Siren? Probably kissing boobs or something
  • Rhoulette?  A really wet tongue one
  • Spectra, Psyche & Valkyrie?  In a dimly-lit room with all their clothes off
Because that’s what girls are for.

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  1. I would love to read that as an incredibly twisted piece of fan-fiction. :P

  2. Brookelyn? Fidget? Rhoulette?
    These are names they chose for themslves?
    (Says, ‘GigerPunk’, obviously)

    We should set up a rival NOTUKR Dolls.
    Not sure about the ‘dolls’ aspect though…and ‘action figures’ doesn’t sound like a viable alternative.
    NOTUKR Blokes?
    Someone else think of a better name if you can, yeah? (Shouldn’t be too difficult)
    Whoops, GigerPunk, Terrier, Phorenzik, Marimo, Mattbot, etc.
    I’d thrash the arses off them at Platformcraft for starters.
    And when it came to being bored with pretty much any game and not bothering to play, I think we’d win hands down every time.

    • I might be betiang a dead horse, but thank you for posting this!

    • Oggi ho fatto un errore. Come dicevo ho messo lo s.profit sul min di mattina, ma non mi ero accorto che c’era un piccolo gap in apertura (non so come mai, forse dormivo da seduto…). In questi caso come spiegavo tempo addietro sto un poco più largo, tipo..l’avrei messo in questo caso a 16.700. Amen, incassati 150 pti che non fanno certo schifo.. Rientrerò oggi solo se rompe i massimi, altrimenti se ne riparla lunedì. Buon we.

  3. I received my dress yesterday and love it! They got here quickly and were very reasonable! Thank you so much!!!


  4. Did you like the holes I cut out in the crotch?

  5. Great information :)

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