We’ll just hand over to new reader UncleSkunk to fill in about 2 image captions, leaving us the others to think of things to write about.

“Hello,  I must be the only one in the world that didn’t know UKR had shut down, I’ve had these for ages (sega) and thought I’d send them in at some point.  You get them instead, use them wisely.”

“I got them a while ago from a mate who got them from some trade show.”

“Are they worth anything?  They’re probably not but they have that nice rich blue Sega colour and it’s Daytona!  Good Bye”

Did anyone do anything nice at the weekend?  We cropped images of Daytona USA Race Time cards which on the Fun Scale is about a 6 out of 10.

Unfortunately the “high” didn’t last for long because there’s no arcade Daytona to play anywhere near the office and we’re not fishing the VGA cable out of the cupboard for Daytona USA 2001.

Which leaves us all wondering what the cards are actually for?  The colon after “Race Time” would seem to indicate it expects a time noted down, possibly for a competition when SEGA did exciting things like that.

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