There are quite a few other SEGA TGS Booth Babe images HERE but who really wants to look at anything else other than blue socks pulled tight up over the knees?  The socks, it’s all about the socks.  If there’s one thing you should be looking at it’s the socks, don’t look at anything else as it’ll be a massive waste of your precious internet time.

Shall we look at the face?  No, look at the socks.  The hands?  Nope, keep looking at the socks.  Tits?  Socks.  What about any stretched fabric over the vaginal regions?  Sorry but you really should just be looking at The Socks.

You’re not looking at The Socks hard enough, we’ve already been through this.  Thought you were a more discerning Booth Babe image browser.  It’s not all stretched tits and cellulite you know.

Not enough people are looking at her socks, that’s why she’s got a face like a smacked arse.

Here’s a SEGA Booth Information Map image to calm you down while you wipe yourself up with your left sock.  It’s like you were interacting with The Sock Girls all along and they knew it.

The Coming Days:  The “hi-res” hunt begins.

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  1. I approve of this new sock related direction you are taking and I would like to see more sock related updates in the future.

  2. me gusta…veo en ellas cada uno d nosotros como nos convertimos en buenos y malos deo,eios.mexprnsa d una forma muy rara su forma d ver la vida,pero en el fondo somos asi…lo q mas me queda es su ternura no lo demas.

  3. Nicely done Tom. I know how hard it can be to fight that impulse to correct them. It seems you both got a nice teaching that day.Man, but we need those small victories.

    • žádný mat nebo pat :-) Mat je Topolánek a Pat je Paroubek :-) jeÅ¡tÄ› budou chvíli pÅÄd™váed›t svoji totální neschopnost, aby na konci svornÄ› vítÄ›znÄ› zvolali “A JE TO!” :-)))

  4. it the arrogance of Israel and its supporters. the palestinians should be given other people property because those that stole it don’t want to give it up. the thugs like huckabee need to understand the palestinians should get palestine because it is rightfully theirs

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