There have been some rather exciting new developments in the world of Supermodel, the SEGA Model 3 Arcade emulator over THERE.  Sound, or if you prefer the term “Audio”, has now been introduced.  A very nice Man going by the name BulkSlash sent some screenshots in mostly because we asked him to.

Hopefully the attached comments can be stretched out over the course of this Update.  If not then there’ll just be some choice sections lifted straight from the Supermodel readme file.

“As promised I’ve attached some screenshots of the Model 3 emulator in action, I hope you don’t mind the large-ish 20MB attachment.”

“I apologise for the relatively low-res 800×600 but all I’ve got here is my laptop and the only way to take screenshots was running the emulator in windowed mode.”

“My laptop is relatively well endowed with a dual-core i7, but the average desktop quad-core should easily be able to cope.”

“I’ve tried to include a variety of games, in the case of Harley Davidson and Emergency Call Ambulance they’re not really playable, and Sega Rally 2 has glitches but overall is playable.”

“Daytona 2, Scud Race and Star Wars Trilogy are all fully playable and mostly look perfect and of course with this latest update to the emulator, all the games have sound and music!”

“Unfortunately I’m completely crap at Daytona 2 and Scud Race, but I was able to beat Sega Rally 2.”

“Despite it’s reputation, the Dreamcast version of Sega Rally 2 seems fairly faithful to the arcade version, particularly in the way it plays.”

Back to the studio.  Thankfully there have been some further enhancements that come as quite a relief: Fixed a 2D palette bug that would cause black pixels to occasionally turn transparent.

Got some new games to boot: ‘Spikeout’, ‘Ski Champ’, ‘Sega Bass Fishing’, ‘Dirt Devils’, etc.

It’s those 2 robots from Star Wars, better off just letting them get shot in the back.  It’s either that or run the risk of listening to the gold-coloured one mince about on a spaceship you happen to be on.

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