C’est manifique!  Which is probably French for “Fuck me!  This magnificent collection of seven photographs sent in from France at a horizontal and vertical resolution of 180 dpi are great!”  Reader Masque de mort probably broke all sorts of cross-border regulations in sending these in, but in times of war and conflict help must come from all nations.

“Hi everyone, biggest notukresistance French fan ever here (formerly known as “biggest ukresistance French fan ever”),”

“I thought I had to share these powerful metaphors with like-minded people like you. Short story : sales season, videogames store, unwanted toys, very low price.”

“Miss Masque de mort wasn’t as happy with my findings, with reactions like (I quote) “What, another one of these pieces of crap ?”. But anyway, she hasn’t entered the GameRoom for years now -she could not possibly understand.”

“I hope you find these meaningful photographs, full of hidden messages about the career evolution of a certain once-beloved mascot, useful to your great blog.”

“Yours faithfully, Masque de mort. Soldier for Sega since 1987”

Whichever regional territory Game is in, it can always be counted on to discount the wrong Video Game thing.  Having the descriptive words back to front doesn’t really help much either.

The greatest photograph of all time.  Better than 1,543 photographs of various OutRun2/OutRun2 SP arcade cabinets in full working order.  Even better than all the Tara Long photographs put together into one large masturbatory collage.  Masque de mort is awarded 3 pallets of A4 paper covered with those NOTUKR Reader Submission Reward Gold Ring sticker things we can’t get rid of.

Coming Soon:  That picture above in a variety of downloadable desktop background sizes.

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    • I think that’s from the “Shooting Game Historica” Gashapon collection.

      I’ve been meaning to obtain them for ages. There’s several volumes and there are models of Opa-Opa, the R-9, the Raiden ship, Twinbee, and Vic Viper within them.

      …Probably cost a billion pounds on the Ebay now, though.

      Also, just to make you want to more money at worthless pieces of plastic: The Sega Taikan Game Collection – http://www.hobbymedia.it/13161

      (Don’t bother looking for it though, I had it preordered at NCSX for 2 YEARS. Never came out)

      • They appear to be about a fiver each on ebay (plus postage, naturally). But I’m trying to resist wasting money on ‘collectable’ lumps of plastic tat. Cute though some of them are.

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