SEGA Amusements is where the action is at, it’s these people and their associates that are literally LIVING THE DREAM*. There are 34 other image in this Facebook album, each image more depressing and less usable than the last.

There are images of them smiling with things, smiling at things, holding things, playing with things, pointing at things, looking at things, awarding people things, being awarded things, doing charity things and sitting on things.  We could go on until dinner time about all the things they’re being photographed doing.

*working in a distribution centre.

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  1. Is that one the “most” usable, then? Because god help us all, dear Captain, if this is what things have come to.

  2. What was wrong with “”Girl in knee-high leather boots and miniskirt holding a weapon all wrong?””

    This pair looked to be having a great time of it too. Check out that body language.

    I’m surprised to see so many arcade machines switched on in those pictures, I thought Greece had no money?

    • Not sure what happened with the double quotes there, but at least the links worked. That’s something, anyway.

      • All-In-All,I see.BTW, nobody actually believes your self-description i.e. that you're "a 20 year old Korean girl high school dropout, ulirb-liaertartan/reactionary, hardcore Austrian econ nerd who’s apparently read every work of Austrian econ ever including QJAE articles and the works of obscure living Austrian economists like Boettke and Salerno" as

      • Hi Jamie,Yes fordyce bumps can form in the scrotum area too. And yes the little white bumps around the head of the penis are called penile papules or pearly penile papules (some people say PPP for short)

      • July 26th, 2007 at 10:17 amMy agent doesn’t seem to have too much experience with 2-4 unit properties, and my parents are in the business but did it old-school style. By old school I mean putting as much money down as possible, with the goal being to pay off the mortgage as quickly as old-school? How about doing it “logic school?”

      • If we are not careful, I could imagine aliberal ordained Priest somewhere doing an internet Mass, and sending out consecrated Hosts through the post before hand. Very dangerous ground.

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