Like Android tablets and phones and also on iPhones and iPads, those sorts of devices.  It costs about 2 or 3 quid depending on which device you use and it’s out right now.  It’s an Ubisoft release though, you might have an embargo on buying any of their stuff so you’ve been warned.

Did you ever play Rayman Origins?  If not then you really should do.  It’s worth its weight in gold, even when you get really frustrated after getting to that mental Land Of The Livid Dead area and die for the 428th time.

Rayman Jungle Run is only one of those automatic-running-then-press-something-to-jump games but it’s so fantastic and colourful and smiley.  Most of Rayman Origins was manually running right and pressing jump at the right time so this isn’t much different.  For only 3 quid!

Rayman Legends is being released on the Wii U soon, the best new console ever.  Must mention at some point that the Wii U is going to be amazing.  Yes, amazing.  And crazy as well, a screen on a control pad!  What will those boffins at Nintendo think of next eh!?

It was tricky trying to take snapshots of all the crazy action whilst playing.  See those bits of thorny tentacle things?  Well there’s loads of them swishing about all over the place and you need to be really quick and/or skillful to get past them without losing a heart or your life.

In Conclusion: 10/10

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