We have no idea what game this actually is because it doesn’t appear to include a boost button or drift control.  However, kudos to you SEGA Japan\SEGA Subsidiary for not buckling under overwhelming pressure to cover up the legs of lovely girls.

There’s even a website HERE which appears to be dedicated to “Kingdom Conquest Girls.”  Look, one of them is holding her hand up to her face in that giggly way middle-aged men like.  One of them is even allowed to talk into the microphone.

“Now drink up please, the van is waiting outside.”

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  1. Somewhere, in the depths of the internet, far beneath the crisp, well-travelled waves of Facebook likes and the ceaseless dirge of Twitter noise, below the seemingly endless fathoms of DeviantArt and Gamefaqs Sonic the Hedgehog shipping, lower than even the unspeakable horrors that to this day writhe in their wretched existence on Xanga and Fanfiction.net, there exists a man. In a place where even the +1 Like Follow Subscribe buttons flicker in the futility of their presence, this man resists. Surrounded in a fortress of images of video game characters in short skirts and miscellanea vaguely resembling spirals, he works unceasingly in his defiance.

    He fights an endless, incomprehensible struggle against an impossible opponent, and his conflict rages on every day. A forgotten, eternal war, in all of its horror and cruelty, waged amongst the aged propaganda and crumbling relics of a bygone age; a world of closed SEGA themeparks and broken arcade machines, flaking blue paint and handrails with spiral motifs defines his environment; everything he has known and loved he has already lost to the enemy, save for his unspeakable desire to defeat them. And so the battle continues, towards an end imperceptible and unknowable–if such a thing even exists. But even if it doesn’t, the man will never stop resisting.

    In the long, forgotten past, this man’s war held meaning. It might even have merited the attention of others! Indeed, another had lead the fight before him; when his beloved leader finally succumbed to the sheer maddening depravity of it all, the man bravely took up their torch, assuring us that our contributions to the cause would burn on in the peoples’ memories for an eternity. As he spoke, we few that remained cheered in support, for we, too, still clung to the thin hope of victory, back then.

    And so we fought on. We seized on every odd press release and every piece bad of publicity and shouted it out to the world, desperately hoping to gain back some of the ground we’d lost over the past decade. Yet, though we knew our cause was right, as the weeks turned to months and then years we began to lose that fervor. In our weakness, we would draw upon his continued, unerring strength, but in time many of our comrades abandoned the cause . And soon only the man and myself remained.

    And here we are today.

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