Reader Tim has surpassed all Inbox expectations at this time of year with 3 magnificent images of a Woman carrying a SEGA bag.  A SEGA bag probably filled with all sorts of terrifying Female accessories used inside, on and around the body.

“Hello Notukresistance,  in the summer I went to London Zoo and had a lovely time watching the animals pace up and down their tiny cages.  After all this excitement I went to London’s Tottenham Court Road to attempt to purchase a very cheap Nintendo 3DS, my thinking was that it should be about £50 by then.”

“But it wasn’t and I didn’t end up buying one.  However I did spy these people with a Sonic bag and a cheap looking Sonic hat.  I took some photos and then forgot I’d taken them.”

“So here they are after I cleared out my memory card and sortied through a load of photos, I don’t want these images any more so you can have them.  Bye bye, Tim.”

For sending in images of a SEGA bag being used in the Real World by a Woman with some rather pleasant legs Tim is awarded 125 NOTUKRESISTANCE Reader Submission Gold Rings, or 125 of whatever it is we’re giving away.


Send in your erotic fiction about “those” legs and the SEGA bag.  Entries must be no longer than 250 words and need to include the words “penis”, “semen”, “rub”, “struggled” and the phrases “creamy thigh” and “damp socks.”  Email in if you really want to or just leave it in the comments section.

To get you going, here’s the interesting part of the image you should be concentrating on.

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It’s Part One of our Sonic The Hedgehog Extravaganza leading up to The King’s 20th birthday!

Sonic is all black and white and needs YOUR HELP to become colourful once again.  You’ll need plenty of blue and some red and you can jolly well leave the green alone, this should ensure Sonic is coloured the way he should be.  That’s “Coloured” as in coloured in with a pen or pencil.  Or paint if you’re arty.


Pick either and get busy, it’s New Sonic but think of it as a chance to skew the line of reality into an alternate timeline where Sonic doesn’t have green eyes.  Download the two available templates from the Sonic Channel HERE.  They’re in PDF format so you’ll need a PDF reader.

Thinking about it we only partially like Image One where Sonic is running, the other one looks rubbish so we’ll either be burning any entries of Image Two or posting them for public ridicule.

If you’re burdened with children or the elderly then why not get them involved!  We’ll have two categories, REGULAR and SPECIAL.

We’ll think of a prize but probably an XBox 360-compatible second-hand copy of PAL OutRun 2.  The prize isn’t mandatory if you don’t want it, the adoration of your peers should be enough.

You have TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY to colour Sonic in and email it to then we’ll announce the winner when we can be bothered, we’ll try and get Iain Lee involved.  It’s a gig for him after all.

Entry Details and Legal Stuff:

  • One entry per reader
  • Must be hand-coloured-in and then photographed (otherwise you’d just use the colouring-in tool thing in Photoshop, although how will we know you didn’t do that anyway then printed, photographed it and sent it in?)
  • Probably should add something about only being open to UK, Europe, The World and all the unexplored territories of the Universe.  Imagine what an alien would send in if they’d never seen Sonic!
  • You hereby give NotUKR complete rights in distribution and being able to really insult it if rubbish

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