Really getting through the backlog now.  This link comes from one of the many Men Called James who occasionally send SEGA things through the post.  Full specifications including price and the images in the original order HERE.

There seems to be a bit of pink in her left hand,  wonder if it’s a bit of knicker.  It really should be a bit of knicker.  That’s definitely a bit of knicker, pink knicker as well.

“Now, take your vest off and we can play my Mega Drive.  You know I can’t play Thunder Force 3 when you have your vest on.  Fold it neatly as well for tomorrow days, I’m not putting it through the wash again as the lettering will start to peel.”


Here’s that aforementioned pink bit enlarged if you’d like to investigate further.

Forgot to mention the placement of the little finger, extra points awarded.

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We have no idea what game this actually is because it doesn’t appear to include a boost button or drift control.  However, kudos to you SEGA Japan\SEGA Subsidiary for not buckling under overwhelming pressure to cover up the legs of lovely girls.

There’s even a website HERE which appears to be dedicated to “Kingdom Conquest Girls.”  Look, one of them is holding her hand up to her face in that giggly way middle-aged men like.  One of them is even allowed to talk into the microphone.

“Now drink up please, the van is waiting outside.”

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You’re absolutely spot on, it is lazy to only post a single image from E3 2012.  But for in-depth reports you can go to many websites dedicated to bringing you the latest Video Game news you probably don’t need at that very instant.

Pose, elegance and style with a hint of Mediterranean mystery.  Can only image how dark, thick and untamed the hair is under those arms and the mons pubis region.

Thanks to Rick R. 1, who we have to thank for legal reasons.

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Sonic The Hedgehog isn’t for us anymore, he’s to inspire young girls with access to basic video recording equipment to film “make-up tutorial” videos.  This one from Youtube user KittyPoppz is both informative and easy to follow, although she’s feeling a bit under the weather.


Coming Soon: “I’m not even sure… Sorry I’m not 100% peppy or something.”

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Does he know about that sensational figure-hugging blue dress?  What about those suspiciously clean white pants that seem one size too small?  Please don’t say no-one ever mentioned to Akira that Kasumi has the World’s Most Wonderful Breasts?

Dead Or Alive 5 with Virtua Fighter’s Akira: A new Dead Or Alive game that isn’t focussed solely on Females lounging around wearing very tight and slightly see-through bikinis or underwear.  It’s once again OK to be seen buying a DOA game under the pretence that you like fighting games and are in anyway good at them.

And not for the real reason, which probably has something to do with Vaginas.  You’ll have bought or most likely stolen the other non-fighting DOA games from the Internet anyway.

Yes, you did.

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Schauen Sie, wie viel leistungsfähigen und organisierten Spaß jeder an Gamescom hat bei SEGA in Deutschland!

Wir würden Bier dort trinken mögen und aufpassende blonde deutsche Frauen von weitem, würde es Spaß sein!


Ein Mann, Sergey vom Flickr hat ein Nikon D40X, es gibt viele großen Fotographien!

Wir möchten dieses Mädchen Kleid und Spunk auf ihrem Bauch öffnen!

Wir möchten, dass das mittlere Mädchen uns nach unten halten und große Gegenstände in uns drückt.

Dieses Mädchen hat große Hüften, folglich kann sie zu Hause bleiben und Lose Kinder haben.

Sergey erhält einen NOTUKRESISTANCE Goldstern, danke Sergey!

Wenn Sie gestört werden können

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The girl on the right seems lovely and also quite well developed…FOR SOMEONE WHO IS BLATANTLY OLDER THAN SIXTEEN, we hasten to add.

The 5 people that watch the Weekly Round Up video are going to feel enormously let down but it’ll just be another in a long line of constant disappointments that life throws up.  Here’s a video of that OutRun Cabinet that was rescued a while ago to cheer you up.


The clever people are saying if you were disabled you could play OutRun outside when going to the shops.  Life would be so sweet if we were disabled and had an OutRun cabinet on wheels.  We’d be such gadabouts!


Hides the shame of having such an old wife for a 53 year old Japanese man.

Wish we had a wife 30 years our junior and be able to carry a shirt off like that in public.  This is old news as Masato Nakamura and Onaga Maki got married 3 years ago.  It’s new news to us so we’ve been “Google Imaging” Onaga Maki most of the day.


There’s a Sonic competition over HERE for anyone who just loves attempting to enter competitions with the help of Google Translate.

Like us.


News that isn’t 3 years old, bunking off down the local arcade and more SEGA merchandise being flogged.

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