Probably, once someone in the licensing department gets wind of Sonic being somewhere that hasn’t been approved.  The 87MB 2 act demo of Emerald Hill might still be available **LINK REMOVED DUE TO SONIC 2 HD HAVING SOME KIND OF VIRUS**, try it and see.

If it’s not then bad luck because it’s actually rather good and looks lovely.  Could happily take dozens of screenshots of Sonic balancing on the edge of a platform, spending all morning doing so.  And then getting all grumpy later on when deciding which ones are the best to use and not being able to choose.

Thanks to Phorenzik from THESE MEN.

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SEGA Amusements in the EU region had or were invited to the World’s Most Prestigious Awards Ceremony Ever where multiple awards were either won or handed out.  However, no-one at any point in the heady revelry thought to capture the event in the high resolution it deserves.

“Let go David, you’ve had your turn.  Let someone else have a go for a change, you’re always hogging the handshakes.  I want to shake his hand next.”

Bravo Gentlemen, bravo.  The prostitutes and cocaine will be served in the bar area between 9pm and 9:45pm.  Full debauched image set also involving middle-aged Women in blouses HERE.

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Does he know about that sensational figure-hugging blue dress?  What about those suspiciously clean white pants that seem one size too small?  Please don’t say no-one ever mentioned to Akira that Kasumi has the World’s Most Wonderful Breasts?

Dead Or Alive 5 with Virtua Fighter’s Akira: A new Dead Or Alive game that isn’t focussed solely on Females lounging around wearing very tight and slightly see-through bikinis or underwear.  It’s once again OK to be seen buying a DOA game under the pretence that you like fighting games and are in anyway good at them.

And not for the real reason, which probably has something to do with Vaginas.  You’ll have bought or most likely stolen the other non-fighting DOA games from the Internet anyway.

Yes, you did.

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News of some SEGA Mobile Phone Strap Things you can all import at great expense has been sent in by new internet acquaintance ALBOTAS.  Who, for some reason, thinks we get more than 3 readers on a good day and therefore might forward “web traffic” to their site.

They’re going to be very disappointed when only 2 incoming clicks show up on their own Google Analytics URL tracking thing.  Thanks anyway though, pictures of a rather childish and innocent looking Ulala will do nicely.

Very nicely indeed.

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Printing the text “not final quality” on screenshots seems to beg the question of will it look better?  And if so will it be by a measurable percentage?  Can we bitterly complain afterwards if it’s not quite up to scratch?  Will we still slightly miss the jump onto a stair handrail and end up hitting the side of a bus?

Something fun, something colourful, something once again from the past which will probably be better than a large percentage of newly released stuff.

The future of the entire Video Games industry rests solely on High Definition re-releases of Dreamcast games that feature Female legs.

Everybody Jump Around!  And then get the bus and/or train to where Richard Jacques lives and demand to be let in for 3 cups of tea, some biscuits and a lovely chat about where it all went wrong.

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Is the header text with all those exclamation marks enough to pass this Update off as being really excited about Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 2?  Actually never say never and all that, it might be exactly the “return to form” every other SEGA news website/fansite thinks will happen each and every time a Sonic game is released.

Oh…it’s got that “into the screen” bonus stage with Tails, is it 1992 all over again?  If so then Tails has fucked up for the 9th time and made us press reset, that’s OK though as Mum is shouting up the stairs because dinner’s ready.

After dinner the washing up gets done in a mildly irritated fashion. Then it’s back upstairs for more Sonic and a hasty wank over the lingerie section of the Littlewood’s catalogue.

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Well you’d probably need to as well if you were 2 Video Game Legends involved in making a downloadable version of The World’s Greatest Thinking Man’s Fighting game.  And yes before you ask, according to Wikipedia AM2 still exists as  “a seperate division within SEGA.”  Which is probably nice.

39 days into the new year before anything official from SEGA is worth re-uploading to the Internet and isn’t about various London 2012 Olympics games, or yet more news about “exciting digital opportunities in the mobile arena.”

Not much opportunity these days to have “AM2” and “Virtua Fighter” in the same sentence so you take what you can get and be grudgingly thankful.  Maybe that Hori Xbox 360 Arcade joystick we spent all the accumulated birthday money on isn’t going to be left unused in a box after all.

They’re happy in themselves, they’ve been together for roughly twenty years doing what they know.  That’s a long time to put up with someone’s unique and irritating foibles at work without having to go quietly to HR to complain.

If you’re the type of person that can put up with an awfully insincere and slightly condescending American dubbing then the full Youtube video is HERE.

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Tried to “make it” in the Video Games Industry as a games programmer, journalist/blogger or an independent retailer and failed miserably on all attempts? Don’t give up just yet.


Help keep the confused Video Games world afloat by advertising the fact you can replace the internal CR2032 3v battery of a SEGA Saturn.

It all helps.

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Hold on to your penises! Wiggle them around quite a bit until they’re either red and sore or semi erect! Yesterday there appeared some news about a new Neo Geo console, it’s being labelled as a retro one because the games it’ll play are from the early 1990s. Presumably you won’t need to spend roughly £150 for each game this time around.


Once the official announcement is made by SNK we’ll be stealing as many high resolution photographs and screenshots as possible. The past NOTUKR coverage of the various SEGA Blaze consoles will seem insignificant in comparison.

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This particular advert appears in the latest edition of Edge Magazine. It probably appears in other Future Publishing magazines as well. This issue of Edge Magazine also has the word “perambulatory” printed in one of its articles, without the merest hint of irony.


However, there are several excellent areas for penis placement so you can print the above image and get working if you’re that bored.

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